American truck

This is another XL motor powered creation – an American styled truck:

So as you seen on the video and the photo it is not too big, but not my smallest MOC. I think it has a very similiar design as Peterbilt 379. It’s a red “monster”. So, I designed the truck for the torque, so it’s powered by 1 XL motor.

In the “underview” picture you can see some gears too. In the middle the XL an Servo motors.

The next PF function is the steering. As I said rotated by a Servo motor with 3 gears. These gearwheels are needed, because the motor is higher than the steering rack.

The front has very simple design: only 2 studs hold the hood and the steering mechanism.

I mentioned the hood. The hood is a simple piece. You don’t understand what I’m said this? Easy: only 2 small pin holds it. See in the picture:

You see. Another opening function is the doors. The doors are very simple too, only some grey parts… with handles.

Small functions are the adjustable seats and rearview mirrors.

So this was my latest creation. Thanks for reading!


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